Academic Overview


Academic Curriculum Subjects

At Oakfield, we try to group subject content that is similar in nature together so that children can use the information to form knowledge and link ideas. For example, we might teach the scientific idea of floating and sinking alongside the historical knowledge of The Titanic.

When we can link content, we do so under a 'Topic' (see below) however there are some ideas or concepts that need to be taught discretely (on their own) because we can't make meaningful links.

We try - wherever possible - to link reading and writing to the topic so that children use their time effectively and make strong links. For example, when studying life cycles of animals in science, we use the Very Hungry Caterpillar text with children in their English lessons.

Subjects that are generally taught discretely are:

Phonics, Maths, R.E., French, P.E. and P.S.H.E.

Subjects that are generally taught as part of a 'Topic' are:

Art, Computing, Science, Design Technology, Geography, History, Music



Including Phonics, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Including Number, Shape, Space, Measure, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Fluency


Including Biology, Chemistry and Physics


Design Technology

Including Food Technology





Physical Education

Religious Education

Personal Curriculum

Our personal curriculum is a mixture of taught sessions (for example, in PSHE) , pedagogy (for example, Forest School), ethos (for example, our Habits of Mind) and opportunities to learn through experiences (for example, visits and visitors).

Personal, Social, Health Education

Including Relationships and Sex Education

Forest School

Habits of Mind


Topics Overviews (2021-2022)

We teach children subject knowledge and skills through 'topics' which are carefully selected to help children learn and idea in one subject, and apply it in another.

Year R

Let's Explore

Once Upon a Time

Starry Night

Dangerous Dinosaurs

Sunshine & Flowers

Big Wide World

Year 1


Bright Lights, Big City

Moon Zoom

Splendid Skies

School Days

Paws, Claws & Whiskers

Year 2

Muck, Mess & Mixtures

Beat, Band, Boogie

Magnificent Monarchs

Wiggle & Crawl

The Scented Garden


Year 3

Mighty Metals


Through The Ages

Rocks, Relics & Rumbles

Urban Pioneers

Emperors & Empires

Year 4

Ancient Civilisations


Misty Mountain, Winding River

Burps, Bottoms & Bile

Blue Abyss


Year 5

Alchemy Island

Dynamic Dynasties


Groundbreaking Greeks

Sow, Grow & Farm

Time Traveller

Year 6

Blood Heart

Frozen Kingdoms

Britain at War

Darwin's Delights


Tomorrow's World