How will we know our curriculum has had impact?

Our children will be of Good Character.

  • They will have strong positive values rooted in our teachings.

  • They will make positive behaviour choices: being safe, being their best and being respectful.

  • They will be ready for learning, showing independent skills.

  • They will have strong attendance and punctuality.

  • They will demonstrate our habits of mind: Creativity, Self-Management, Empathy, Collaboration, Resilience, Reflection and Curiosity.

  • They will know and show love and care, for themselves, others their environment.

  • They will be happy, know and show laughter and have a good sense of humour.

Our children will Achieve Excellence.

  • Pupils will have learned what we have taught them.

  • They will be able to read a range of challenging texts, confidently, fluently, with expression and understanding.

  • They will be able to write in different styles for different people and communicate effectively.

  • They will be able to manipulate numbers, reason and solve problems.

  • They will have certificates that highlight their successes in a range of subjects.

  • They will have developed their own talents and interests and be able to name something they have achieved.

How will we check?

Our Basic Principles of Learning

  1. We define something as ‘learnt’ when it is in long-term memory and can be recalled quickly.

  2. We know that there are different types of knowledge and that it is formed in different ways.

  3. We pay attention to ‘cognitive load’ and present information in small chunks, repeating it often and in different ways.

Assessment at Oakfield comes in two types ...

Summative Assessment

  • We check what pupils can remember and do at key points throughout the year.

  • Summative assessment usually takes the form of tests and quizzes.

Formative Assessment

  • This is a way of providing pupils with feedback about the progress they have made and about what they need to do next to make further such progress.

  • This happens all the time.

Coverage Check

  • We check that we have breadth and coverage in order to ensure all children have had many different opportunities and context in which to learn.

Threshold Concepts

Threshold concepts tie together the subject topics into meaningful schema. The same concepts are explored in a wide breadth of topics. Through this ‘forwards and backwards engineering’ of the curriculum, children return to the same concepts over and over and gradually build understanding of through them.