We want to foster a desire for lifelong learning in your child. A thirst to find out more about the world around us…

How do we do this?

By employing excellent staff, committed to getting the very best out of your child, and helping them to develop. And by making learning a fun experience.

We follow and teach to the National Curriculum. You can find out more about how each subject is taught across the school, through the Curriculum page.

If you would like to find out more about supporting your child outside of the classroom, your child’s class teacher can be provide you with an up to date reading list and maths challenges.

Additionally, there are links below to excellent websites to reinforce learning, which you may like to look at with your child:


Below are links to recommended websites you and your child may find helpful:

Discovery Education Espresso – supports all areas of the curriculum. Please note you will need to ask the School Office for the login and password details.
Splash ABC – useful resources for all subjects
BBC Bitesize – great resource for English, Maths and Science
Compare4Kids – previous Year 6 SATs papers
Compare4Kids Bootcamp – revision ideas to support Year 6 SATs
Maths Zone – Maths activities
MyMaths – covers all areas of Maths
Nrich Maths – this is designed to enrich the mathematical experience for all learners
Primary Homework Help – interactive Maths games
Top Marks – Hit the Button – quick fire Maths questions
Bug Club – improve reading skills
GraphWords – online thesaurus
Code for Life – improve programming skills
Scratch – programming skills
BBC Bitesize Dance Mat – learn to touch type
Hunkin’s Experiment – fun Science experiments to try at home

Parents complete guide – national curriculum for Primary Schools

We are also able to recommend apps for tablets to aid writing, and support learning. Please ask if you would like to learn more.