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Keeping our children safe

Posted by oakfieldpri on 25th February 2018

As you know, we have recently had a focus on internet safety. This is ongoing work in school and we regularly remind our children about how to keep themselves safe when online.

The NSPCC website has a range of resources to help parents keep children safe online. One of these resources is called PANTS. It is a useful way of helping to teach children to keep themselves safe. We are going to be using this resource in school in our PSHE (personal, social and health education) time so don’t be surprised if your child comes home and says “we have been learning about pants in school.” As you can imagine, they find this very amusing.

PANTS is an acronym for:

P = Privates are private

A = Always remember your body belongs to you

N = No means no

T = Talk about secrets that upset you

S = Speak up, someone can help

If you would like further information about this resources, you can find it on the NSPCC website. There is a great video clip and helpful answers to questions children may ask.

If you feel you need further support with this, please contact us – we would be happy to help you.