Our School

Vision Statement – Our Values and Ethos

Within our Oakfield community we nurture and challenge every individual for life long learning and citizenship 


Our children will be ‘Ready to Learn for Life’ by developing the following skills and values:

  • an enjoyment in all aspects of learning
  • lively enquiring minds enabling them to make decisions and meet challenges
  • an appreciation of the value of their role as part of the school community
  • an awareness of their own self worth, to show respect for others and value the multi-cultural society in which we live
  • a positive enthusiastic attitude towards learning
  • to be confident to make mistakes to help them improve their future learning
  • a growing independence and responsibility for their own learning and conduct
  • an understanding of acceptable standards of behaviour at all times, enabling them to work and communicate as a member of a group or team
  • the ability to apply their own knowledge and skills in all situations and to accept challenges
  • the ability to evaluate and celebrate their own achievements with an understanding of how to improve and meet their next target
  • an appreciation of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the impact this can have on their future well being
  • to prepare them for their continuing life of education beyond Oakfield Primary.


At Oakfield we value every child, irrespective of ability, race, gender, age or achievements. We encourage children to develop positive personal qualities and attitudes towards themselves, others and their work. We have our own Equal Opportunities policy, which is very closely linked to the Hampshire County Council policy.


The care of, and for each child is of paramount concern to us at Oakfield. We want our school to be a happy learning environment for both the children and adults who work in it. We have a positive approach to behaviour and children are therefore encouraged to be kind, polite and careful. We recognise that there are times when children are preoccupied by personal or home-based problems that affect school learning. In the interest of your child and so that we can approach each child sensitively with extra understanding at difficult times, please do talk, in complete confidence, to your child’s class teacher.

If you would like a copy of our current prospectus please contact the school office.