Information for Parents

Emotional Literacy Support & Home Liaison

Your Child's Well-being at Oakfield

Here at Oakfield we realise that happy and self confident children become life long learners and valued members of their local community. However, sometimes in life children and families unfortunately face difficult and life changing circumstances. Here at Oakfield we have a designated team of trained staff to provide support and care for children at these times.


ELSA – (Emotional Literacy Support)

This is a time for children to learn about their feelings and ways to communicate how they are feeling to others. This takes place in a one-to-one session or a group session over a six week programme.


If your child is experiencing difficulties or frustrations that impacts his/her behaviour and learning experience at school. We can offer help by talking through possible strategies or sometimes we find just talking about it helps!


Busy Bees group meet in the Nurture room. Busy Bess is a session for children who need time in a smaller group to build their self confidence and self esteem. Having the nurturing environment provides a safe space for children to take a time out of the bigger class setting to develop their learning skills.


Storykeepers is a ten week creative writing programme for key stage two pupils. It particularly focuses on giving children a creative space to develop their literacy skills, especially their ability to explore and communicate the spectrum of feelings that characters may experience.


This is an exciting new ten week programme Oakfield is able to offer parents. It is a tried and tested “Family Links” programme, offering happier and more confident families.

For more information on Family Links please click here