Habits of Mind

How to think ... not what to think

We believe that in order to be well prepared for further education and for life beyond school, children need to master a whole range of skills, which transcend the individual disciplines.

Therefore, whenever appropriate, our curricula and teaching methodologies promote, encourage, and facilitate hands on learning experiences which develop both our pupils’ deeper knowledge and their ‘Habits of Mind’ through inquiry.

Pupils also need to develop a Growth Mindset and we all believe that effort leads to Mastery.

What does this look like?

These skills (or ‘Habits of Mind’) are written into our own bespoke ‘Language for Learning’. This language involves seven capacities: resilience, empathy, reflection, self‐management, collaboration, curiosity and creativity.

The key for our Habits of Mind is that all of these skills are learnable, and that we have a duty to teach all of our children how to further improve each of their Habits of Mind.

How can you help at home?

Habits of Mind Days 2022-2023

Habits of Mind Days 2021-2022