Welcome to the library

At Oakfield Academy we are particularly proud of our wonderful library.  We are passionate about books and seek to teach our children to love reading and books.

We have a wide selection of fiction, non-fiction and picture books.  All children are able to come to the library to choose library books and in most year group they are able to take two books home at a time.

Our school librarian, Mrs Debbie Lailey, is available to support the children and has regular contact with children across all year groups.

100 Books

We are keen to encourage the children to read lots of different books and so we have compiled a list of 100 books we feel all children should read before they leave Oakfield at the end of Year 6. Each class has 10 - 15 books that are recommended for their year group.

Once the children have read a book they will be able to share some key points with their class teacher, Mrs Lailey, Miss Bray or Mr Mitton. They will then give them a coloured sticker to place over the picture of the book they have read.

100 books list for parents.pdf

100 Books list

Not sure what to read next?

It's great to have a favourite series of books or a favourite author but what do you do when you've run out of books or want to try something new?

Take a look at this website which gives lots of new ideas linked to authors you may already love.

Bedtime Reading Event 2021

All the teachers chose a special book ...

All the adults in school chose a very special book to read. Children all came in PJs and heard bedtime stories.

... and an activity to go with it.

Bedtime reading workshop

Miss Bray spoke about the importance of bedtime reading. Mrs Lailey was also on hand to give recommendations for bedtime books and sell a selection of Scholastic books. The commission earned enable her to stock up on a selection of lovely new library books.

We all had hot chocolate and biscuits

Mr Mitton's favourite ... HOT CHOCOLATE ... free for everyone ... delicious!