Our School Rules

  • At Oakfield, we promote positive behaviour choices - that means we praise in public and challenge in private.

  • When things go well children earn individual points which can be spent in our Dojo Shop!

  • Their individual points also contribute to a class prize so that children praise each other for their achievements rather than feeling sad that they might not have got something themselves.

  • Our children helped us to simplify our school rules so that everyone understands them - we have five school rules that we stick to (these apply to visitors and staff too!)

  • If there are ongoing concerns with your child’s behaviour choices, we will talk to you in order to support them.

  • We record behaviours incidents and you will get a copy by email after a call from us, this helps us to communicate together and spot any patterns.

  • We will never communicate specific consequences to parents of other children.

School Rules Large.pdf

Our Rules

What happens if I make a positive choice?

  • An adult will give me praise.

  • I might get a class dojo point which my parents can see.

  • I am able to spend my points at the Dojo Shop and redeem them for prizes and privileges.

  • I might be sent to see another classroom, Deputy Head or the Head Teacher to share my achievements.

What happens if I make a poor choice?

  • An adult will remind me to make positive choices.

  • An adult may ask me to move somewhere else in the classroom / school.

  • *An adult may tell me to miss part of my own time which may be at break / lunch or end of the day.

  • *An adult may track my positive choices at school using a report card.

* My parents will be told about my behaviour by the teacher.