Children of Good Character

Our children will be of Good Character because ...

Annual Indicators

There are many ways of us evidencing our impact, we don't publish everything online and not everything is measured most effectively with statistics. However, because we believe character development is as important as academic excellence, we are publishing some of the data we gather so we can be as transparent as possible ... and so that you're impressed ... of course.

We keep track of these things in the same way over time, so we can easily understand and compare how we're doing. This helps us find what we're good at and where we can grow even more, making sure we keep getting better in a balanced way.



How well are we doing so far?

Finally, we believe that feedback is a crucial tool for understanding our progress. In the last academic year, 90% of parents and guardians felt that the school was promoting the overall personal growth of their child. We are currently awaiting results for this year's survey but are optimistic about the feedback we will receive.

Where can I read more?

Each of the pages contained within our drives (our four Ls) will provide you with evidence and statistics that we have collected and reported.