Achieve Academic Excellence

Our children will Achieve Excellence because ...

Annual Indicators

There are many ways of us evidencing our impact, we don't publish everything online and not everything is measured most effectively with statistics. However, because we believe character development is as important as academic excellence, we are publishing some of the data we gather so we can be as transparent as possible.... and so that you're impressed...of course.

We keep track of these things in the same way over time, so we can easily understand and compare how we're doing. This helps us find what we're good at and where we can grow even more, making sure we keep getting better in a balanced way.

We primarily measure how well we are doing using attainment (how 'well' a child does at a specific point in time) and progress (The difference between attainment points over time).

We use the same indicators for attainment and progress between years in order to effectively understand and compare results.



Why only at the end of Key Stage 2?

We primarily report on how well our pupils do at the end of Key Stage 2 as this is an important milestone before they move on to secondary school and is a measure of how well we have done for our pupils when they leave us. However, we also use other internal assessments throughout other year groups to help identify strengths and next steps. When we talk about academic 'progress', we usually mean the difference in pupils' attainment (scaled scores) at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

How well are we doing overall?

In 2022, the school performed exceptionally well in all academic areas, according to the latest data. 

Key Stage 2 progress in reading, writing, and mathematics was significantly above the national average and in the highest 20% of all schools nationally. At Key Stage 2, there were no issues with pupils achieving the expected standard and greater depth in reading, writing, and mathematics. Similarly, there were no issues with Key Stage 1 attainment of the expected standard and greater depth in reading and writing.

Additionally, there were no issues with pupils achieving the Key Stage 2 expected standard and high standard in reading, writing, and mathematics, nor the Key Stage 2 English grammar, punctuation, and spelling test achievement of the expected standard and high standard. 

Our Habits of Mind initiative aims to help students develop the skills they need to succeed in life by promoting positive thinking and behaviour. In the last academic year, 81% of our pupils reached the expected standard or higher in at least 6 out of 7 habits of mind. An increase from 75% the year before.

We are also proud of our pupils' personal achievements. In the last academic year, 76% of pupils achieved their individual personal development target, and the school received seven special mentions from parents and guardians. We look forward to seeing how our students will continue to grow and achieve this year.

Where can I read more?

Each of the pages contained within our drives (our four Ls) will provide you with evidence and statistics that we have collected and reported.