Admissions Arrangements

Admission arrangements must be on the school website by 15 March each year and displayed for the whole of the offer year.

The school’s admission arrangements, including:

In-Year Admissions


This will be published by 28 February each year. This timetable will:

Allocated Funding

Pupil Premium

Recovery Premium

PE & Sports Premium

PE and sport premium information must be on the school website by 31 July each year. The latest report for the last academic year is published.

Information about the PE and sport premium is available, including:

Annual Reports & Accounts


& Articles

The names of charity
trustees and members



2018 / 2019

2021 / 2022

Curriculum Information


The content of the curriculum in each academic year, including mandatory subjects. 

RE Curriculum

The content of the RE curriculum, even if it is taught as part of other subjects or called something else.

More Information

How parents and members of the public can find out more about the school’s curriculum.


The names of any phonics or reading schemes used in KS1.

Contact Information

Equality Information & Pay

Public Sector Equality 

Details of how the school is complying with the public sector equality duty, which are updated annually. 

Equality Objectives

The school’s equality objectives, which are updated at least once every four years. 

Executive Pay

There are no employees who have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more, therefore this is N/A

Gender Pay Gap

The school does not have 250 or more employees, this is therefore N/A.

Governance Information

The structure and remit of the trust’s members, board of trustees, committees and LGBs; the full names of the chair of each; the trust's scheme of delegation for governance functions

Ofsted Reports

A copy of, or a link to, the school’s most recent Ofsted report. 

Specific Policies & Documents

Safeguarding Policy

School Uniform Policy

Publication Scheme

Guide to Information

SEND Information

Arrangements for handling complaints from parents of pupils with SEND about the support provided by the school.