Author of the Term - Spring 2022

Lauren Child

Lauren Child is an author and illustrator.  She is most famous for her characters of Charlie and Lola.  Her book "I will never ever not eat a tomato" is on our Gold Book list.  We all watched Lauren Child producing some art work on a video and then we have had a go at producing a self portrait of ourselves in the style of Lauren Child.  You can see our artwork in the library.

Author of the Term - Autumn 2021

Alex T. Smith

Alex T. Smith is an author and illustrator.  He is most famous for his characters Claude the dog and the penguin detective Mr Penguin.  We really enjoyed reading his stories and all had a go at following a tutorial on how to draw Claude.  You can see our drawings in the library.

Author of the Term - Summer 2021

Chitra Soundar

Our Author this term is Chitra Soundar.  She has written lots of books about children living in India, traditional tales from India and stories about animals.

We loved looking at her book Safe with Me, the pictures are beautiful.

Author of the Term - Spring 2021

Oliver Jeffers

We used the books by Oliver Jeffers to inspire our celebrations for World Book Day.  We looked at "Here We Are" across the whole school and decorated our doors to show each different part of the story.

Author of the Term - Autumn 2020

Nicola Davies

We love animals at Oakfield and so we loved looking at the books by Nicola Davies.  She has written many non-fiction books about animals.  We loved "Butterfly Bouquet" and the book "Poo : A Natural History Of The Unmentionable " has become a favourite book during library sessions!

Author of the Term - Summer 2020

Mrs Lailey Introduces Our Author 

Julia Donaldson

As we couldn't share as many books in person as we wanted to, we switched to reading and recording our stories for you to enjoy at home. Copies of all these books are available from the school library and we would love to see videos of you reading these or others too...send them on Dojo!

Stick Man

Monkey Puzzle


Sharing a Shell

The Smartest Giant in Town

The Snail and The Whale

A Squash and A Squeeze

The Gruffalo


Night Monkey Day Monkey


Zogg 2

Mr Mitton's Favourites

Bed Time for Baby Bear

Year R-2

Jack & The Beanstalk - Roald Dahl


Cinderella - Roald Dahl


The Red Lantern

Year 5/6