Medical & First Aid

First Aid, Medicine and Medical Plans

We ask you to give us details of any medical condition that your child may have, including allergic reactions. If a child has a particular need, such as the administration of a medicine, we may be able to help. Please ask at the office. 

A child who is taking a course of medicine for a specific ailment is sometimes not well enough to attend school. However, once they are beginning to feel better, a member of the administration team can administer antibiotics or other appropriate medicines as prescribed by your child’s doctor

If this is required, please come and complete a permission form in the school office.

If your child is unwell outside school ...

Please follow our school absence procedure listed here.

If your child is unwell at school ...

If a child is feeling unwell or has been involved in an accident, they will be taken to the school office during lesson times or to a member of staff on duty at break/lunch who will be able to deal with the situation.

Almost all staff are trained firsts aiders who can be called upon to give advice and treatment. Sometimes it is necessary to contact parents to ask them to take the child home. It is therefore essential that we have up to date contact telephone numbers.

Staff First Aid Training

A glimpse at first aid training from Bubble B!

Medical Tracker

Our digital first aid book, medicine log and communication system.

We use Medical Tracker in school to record and notify you at the point of administering first aid or medicine, we trialled the system in January 2020 and parent feedback was extremely positive.