Year R

Curriculum Goals

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English Overviews

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Reading Overview

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Writing Overview

Mathematics Overview & Support

We are proud to work with the Maths Hub for 2020 - 2022 to develop a mastery approach when teaching mathematics.

Termly Overview

Oakfield's Approach


We are setting out to help our pupils be ...

  • Curious - children are curious about their environment and the world around them.

  • Empathetic - children empathise with others and respond to feelings.

  • Resilient - keep persevering in the face of challenge.

  • Independent - children become independent learners and follow their own lines of enquiry.


We will do this by ensuring ...

  • Children access a range of high quality, irresistible learning opportunities and resources to nurture an inquisitive mind.

  • Children will be taught to recognise the feelings of themselves and others. Empathy modelled by listening attentively and responding thoughtfully.

  • Children will be given opportunities and time to solve problems both independently and with peers.

  • We empower children to take ownership over their child initiated learning time. We will encourage self-help skills i.e. getting dressed and washing hands.


We will have made a difference when ...

  • Children ask and answer questions about their world and express their thoughts and feelings of new experiences.

  • Children develop positive relationships with adults and peers.

  • Children take risks with their learning and demonstrate perseverance when faced with difficulties.

  • Children can access the learning environment, transferring skills in a range of contexts and making links within their learning.

Topics & Overviews


People, Culture and Communities

Special Times

This unit teaches pupils about special times during the day and important occasions celebrated throughout the year. It will explore if special times are observed in the same way and provide opportunities for children to discuss differences.

Understanding the World

Let's Explore

This project teaches children about the environments that they share with others, including their homes, school and places in the local community.

Understanding the World

Sparkle & Shine

This project teaches children about the celebrations that take place during the autumn and winter seasons, and focus on the significance and symbolism of light at this time of year.


Understanding the World

Being Me in My World

This unit encourages children to build positive relationships with one another in which they can learn collaboratively. Children will understand their rights to learn and how to be responsible by following school rules. This unit will support children to recognise feelings and ways in which to manage them.

2020-letexp_gen_did_you_know (1).pdf

Understanding the World

Celebrating Difference

This unit will celebrate difference and teach children that everyone is unique. It will provide opportunities to problem solve and identify ways in which they can demonstrate kindness to others through actions and words.



This unit teaches children to develop coordination and static balance. Skills are developed through different footwork and balances (on one leg).



This unit teaches dynamic balance, agility and static balance. Skills are developed through jumping, landing and seated balance.


People, Culture and Communities

Special People

This unit will encourage children to think about special people in their lives and attributes that makes them special. It will explore who is special to people of different faiths as well as reflecting on how their own actions can make others feel.

Understanding the World

Animal Safari

This project teaches children about the animals that live around the world, how to look after animals and the importance of caring for our local and global environments.

Animal Safari.pdf

Understanding the World

Ready, Steady, Grow

This project teaches children about food and farming and explores themes, including where food comes from, what plants and animals need to grow and survive and what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.


Understanding the World

Dreams & Goals

This unit teaches children that perseverance and resilience is important when overcoming challenges. It teaches children to set goals and encourage them to articulate how they feel when outcomes have been achieved. It highlights the importance of having a positive attitude towards learning and highlights roles in supporting others to achieve their dreams.

Understanding the World

Healthy Me

This unit teaches children about healthy and unhealthy foods. It will explore the importance of a balanced diet, sleep and physical exercise to keep healthy. This unit will cover how to stay safe discussing both stranger danger and keeping clean.



This unit teaches children dynamic balance and static balance. This will be developed by following simple rules and travelling across lines.



In this unit, the children will learn counter balance and coordination. This will be developed through increased ball control and exploring a range of balance stances opposite a partner.



Children will learn to travel in various ways and create a range of shapes i.e. tuck jump and star. They will learn to travel across a range of low level apparatus.


People, Culture and Communities

Special Places

This unit asks the children to identify what they believe makes a place special. It will also explore why a place of worship is special and provide opportunities for discussion about the world and its importance.

Understanding the World

Long ago ...

This project teaches children about how they have grown and changed since they were babies and how life in the past was different from today.

Long ago.pdf

Understanding the World

Moving On ...

This project celebrates the children’s successes throughout their Reception year. It explores how they have grown and changed and supports them with the changes to come as they move into Year 1.

Understanding the World


This unit will teach children how to overcome disagreements within friendships and help children to identify the impact of unkind words. It will teach children how to initiate friendships with others as well as highlighting what it means to be a good friend. There will be opportunities for ‘calm me’ time in which pupils can begin to manage their feelings.

Understanding the World

Changing Me

In this unit children will be taught names for parts of the body. They will also understand that they grow from babies to adults. Children will have the opportunity to discuss their feelings regarding moving to Year 1. They will identify any concerns or worries they have as well as discussing what they are looking forward to. Pupils will share their favourite memories of Year R.



This unit supports children to develop their coordination and agility. Children will develop these skills through sending, receiving, reaction and response.



This unit will support the development of agility and static balance. These skills will be developed through ball chasing and using a variety of balance positions.



Children will learn about flight and rotation. These skills will be developed by practising floor rolls and shapes on large apparatus.

Religious Education - Love To Celebrate!







P.S.H.E - Personal Social Health Education (Including Relationships & Sex Education)

We follow six key themes in P.S.H.E. that are taught at the same time across the school, below is the specific theme covered.

Being Me In My World

  • Self-identity

  • Understanding feelings

  • Being in a classroom

  • Being gentle

  • Rights and responsibilities

Celebrating Difference

  • Identifying talents

  • Being special

  • Families

  • Where we live

  • Making friends

  • Standing up for yourself

Dreams & Goals

  • Challenges

  • Perseverance

  • Goal-setting

  • Overcoming obstacles

  • Seeking help

  • Jobs

  • Achieving goals

Healthy Me

  • Exercising bodies

  • Physical activity

  • Healthy food

  • Sleep

  • Keeping clean

  • Safety


  • Family life

  • Friendships

  • Breaking friendships

  • Falling out

  • Dealing with bullying

  • Being a good friend

Changing Me

  • Bodies

  • Respecting my body

  • Growing up

  • Growth and change

  • Fun and fears

  • Celebrations