Year R

English Overviews

We're currently revising our English curriculum content for 2021-2022 to ensure it meets the needs of our children. Class teachers will be able to provide you with more information if you'd like it, just send them a message or call the office. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Reading Overview

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Writing Overview

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Mathematics Overview & Support

We are proud to work with the Maths Hub for 2020 - 2022 to develop a matery approach when teaching mathematics.

Termly Overview

Topics & Overviews

Let's Explore!

Topic Description

In the Let’s Explore topic, we will explore their class environment and school grounds so that we feel settled and happy in our new surroundings. We will learn about the local environment and find out about places we have visited on holiday. We will look at and create maps for journeys.

Topic Overview 2020 Autumn 2 (2).pdf
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Topic Overview

Knowledge Organiser

Once Upon a Time

Topic Description

In the Once Upon a Time topic, we will be introduced to the wonderful world of stories. We will listen to a range of traditional tales and have the chance to act out the stories in our play. We will also listen to alternative contemporary stories to see different viewpoints from the characters. We will use the stories to think about how life has changed from when the stories were written. We will also make up their own stories and make masks, props and puppets to act out their stories.

Topic Overview Autumn 2 2021.docx

Topic Overview

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Starry Night

Topic Description

In the Starry Night topic, your child will explore the differences between the world at night time compared with daytime, through a range of exciting and creative activities. They will find out about nocturnal animals and how they find food when it is dark. They will find out about people who work at night and the different jobs that people do when we are asleep. They will discuss bedtime routines and the importance of a good night’s sleep. They will explore the night sky and find out about the Moon and stars.

Starry Night yr R.pdf

Topic Overview

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Dangerous Dinosaurs

Topic Description

In the Dangerous Dinosaurs topic, we will find out about prehistoric animals that lived on Earth. We will learn facts about dinosaurs and discover how big some of these giant creatures were. We will learn about the difference between carnivores and herbivores. We will also find out about the animals that lived after the dinosaurs and which modern-day animals have prehistoric relatives.

Topic Overview Spring 2 2022.pdf

Topic Overview

Knowledge Organiser

Sunshine and Sunflowers

Topic Description

In the Sunshine and Sunflowers topic, we will explore their local environment and see how it has changed throughout the year. We will grow flowers, fruit and vegetables in the garden area. We will learn how to care for plants and animals, identifying some different types. We will take part in outdoor learning activities and find out how to stay safe in the sun.

Topic Overview Summer 1 2022 (1).pdf

Topic Overview

Knowledge Organiser

Big Wide World

Topic Description

In the Big Wide World topic, we will find out about the world in which they live. We will learn about different climates and explore habitats, including their flora and fauna. We will locate the United Kingdom on a world map and compare life in the United Kingdom with life elsewhere. We will also learn about caring for their environment, both locally and beyond.

Topic Overview Summer 2 2022.docx

Topic Overview

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Religious Education - Love To Celebrate!







P.S.H.E - Personal Social Health Education (Including Relationships & Sex Education)

We follow six key themes in P.S.H.E. that are taught at the same time across the school, below is the specific theme covered.

Being Me In My World

  • Self-identity

  • Understanding feelings

  • Being in a classroom

  • Being gentle

  • Rights and responsibilities

Celebrating Difference

  • Identifying talents

  • Being special

  • Families

  • Where we live

  • Making friends

  • Standing up for yourself

Dreams & Goals

  • Challenges

  • Perseverance

  • Goal-setting

  • Overcoming obstacles

  • Seeking help

  • Jobs

  • Achieving goals

Healthy Me

  • Exercising bodies

  • Physical activity

  • Healthy food

  • Sleep

  • Keeping clean

  • Safety


  • Family life

  • Friendships

  • Breaking friendships

  • Falling out

  • Dealing with bullying

  • Being a good friend

Changing Me

  • Bodies

  • Respecting my body

  • Growing up

  • Growth and change

  • Fun and fears

  • Celebrations