Year R

*** September 2022 - please bear with us as we update our class page ***

English Overviews

We're currently revising our English curriculum content to ensure it meets the needs of our children. Class teachers will be able to provide you with more information if you'd like it, just send them a message or call the office. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Reading Overview

Writing 0.pdf

Writing Overview

Mathematics Overview & Support

We are proud to work with the Maths Hub for 2020 - 2022 to develop a matery approach when teaching mathematics.

Termly Overview

This information is currently being updated.

Please contact Miss Light if you have any queries in the meantime -

Topics & Overviews


People, Culture and Communities

Special Times

Understanding the World

Let's Explore

This project teaches children about the environments that they share with others, including their homes, school and places in the local community.

Understanding the World

Sparkle & Shine

This project teaches children about the celebrations that take place during the autumn and winter seasons, and focus on the significance and symbolism of light at this time of year.


Understanding the World

Being Me in My World

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Understanding the World

Celebrating Difference


Personal - Bike


Personal - Pirate


Social - Space


Gym 1 - Shape


People, Culture and Communities

Special People

Understanding the World

Animal Safari

This project teaches children about the animals that live around the world, how to look after animals and the importance of caring for our local and global environments.

Animal Safari.pdf

Understanding the World

Ready, Steady, Grow

This project teaches children about food and farming and explores themes, including where food comes from, what plants and animals need to grow and survive and what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.


Understanding the World

Dreams & Goals

Understanding the World

Healthy Me - Oral Health


Social - Jungle


Cognitive - Train


Cognitive - Tightrope


Creative - Clown


People, Culture and Communities

Special Places

Understanding the World

Long ago ...

This project teaches children about how they have grown and changed since they were babies and how life in the past was different from today.

Long ago.pdf

Understanding the World

Moving On ...

This project celebrates the children’s successes throughout their Reception year. It explores how they have grown and changed and supports them with the changes to come as they move into Year 1.

Understanding the World


Understanding the World

Changing Me


Dance 1 - Shape


Creative - Seaside


Physical - Juggling


Physical - Fairytale

Religious Education - Love To Celebrate!







P.S.H.E - Personal Social Health Education (Including Relationships & Sex Education)

We follow six key themes in P.S.H.E. that are taught at the same time across the school, below is the specific theme covered.

Being Me In My World

  • Self-identity

  • Understanding feelings

  • Being in a classroom

  • Being gentle

  • Rights and responsibilities

Celebrating Difference

  • Identifying talents

  • Being special

  • Families

  • Where we live

  • Making friends

  • Standing up for yourself

Dreams & Goals

  • Challenges

  • Perseverance

  • Goal-setting

  • Overcoming obstacles

  • Seeking help

  • Jobs

  • Achieving goals

Healthy Me

  • Exercising bodies

  • Physical activity

  • Healthy food

  • Sleep

  • Keeping clean

  • Safety


  • Family life

  • Friendships

  • Breaking friendships

  • Falling out

  • Dealing with bullying

  • Being a good friend

Changing Me

  • Bodies

  • Respecting my body

  • Growing up

  • Growth and change

  • Fun and fears

  • Celebrations