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Mrs Light-Rowsell is responsible for R.E. This means ensuring there is an ambitious curriculum set, supporting teachers to implement it through high-quality lessons and checking that everything is helping children to know more, remember more and do more.

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Purpose of Study

RE is for all pupils in all schools, every pupil has a legal entitlement to RE. It is a necessary part of a ‘broad and balanced curriculum’ and must be provided for all registered pupils in state-funded schools in England, including those in the sixth form, unless withdrawn by their parents (or withdrawing themselves if they are aged 18 or over). This requirement does not apply to pupils below compulsory school age (although there are many examples of good practice of RE in nursery classes).

Schools are not obliged to provide R.E. to pupils who are under compulsory school age (section 80(2)(a) of the Education Act 2002), although there are many instances of good practice where R.E. is taught to these pupils. 


Oakfield's Approach


We are setting out to help our pupils be ...


We will do this by ensuring ...


We will have made a difference when ...

We believe our curriculum is effective because it provides...

Threshold Concepts

These are our big takeaways called ‘threshold concepts’ - an overview of what we want pupils to know. They are the same for every year group and help us to ensure we build learning on the same ideas, that way we help children to be able to remember more meaningful connections rather than remembering isolated facts.

Progression on a Page ...

At Oakfield, we are proud to offer an enriching and inclusive Religious Education (RE) curriculum, which allows children to explore and learn about various religions and cultures throughout their time here. Our "Love to Celebrate" program covers six major religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism. Each year group focuses on different aspects and celebrations related to these religions, helping to foster understanding and respect for the diverse beliefs of others.

Here is an overview of what we expect children to be taught, know and do by the end of each year group.

Year R

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Units of Learning ...







Learning Overviews by Religion

Right of Withdrawal

What does the law say?

In order for a pupil to be withdraw, a school by law, must be satisfied:

Detailed progression in R.E.

1e - Threshold Concepts RE - new concepts.pdf