Behaviour (Impact)

To ensure that our pupils are attending school regularly, we track attendance closely. 

While we do not publish individual attendance records online, but we do share two key statistics with our community: overall attendance (the total percentage of students present) and the percentage of students who are persistently absent (i.e., those with 90% or less attendance).

Annual Indicators (Yearly Measurements)

2020 - 2021

# Positive Awards: 520*

# Negative Incidents: 372

Difference: +148

2021 - 2022

# Positive Awards: 397

# Negative Incidents: 211

Difference: +186

2022 - 2023

# Positive Awards: 423

# Negative Incidents: 189

Difference: +234

*this was the last year we held weekly celebration assemblies before moving to fortnightly from family feedback, this total therefore reflects this amount which is naturally higher.